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In South Africa, close on 20% of the population has bad debt, with an average of 63% of their salary going towards repayments. While debt management programmes exist they do not consider the emotional drivers behind bad money habits.  


Nedbank wanted to help educate the country in a relatable way that would lead to real change. 


We developed South Africa’s first ever bank-led emotional wealth programme. 


As a result, close to 77k people discovered their money archetypes. The campaign benefited from 51m opportunities to see, taking our PR value way beyond the 12m target.  


  • Prisms Silver: Digital Media Relations 2020

  • Prisms Silver: Financial Services 2020

  • Prisms Silver: Influencer Management 2020

  • Prisms Silver: Reputation and Brand Management 2020

  • Prisms Bronze: Media Relations 2020

  • NYFestivals Finalist