Updated: May 20, 2020

As one of South Africa’s leading building materials companies, PPC believes in empowering their communities by growing the economic eco-system for a better quality of life. So, when disaster struck the KZN coast, we saw the opportunity to assist the local communities affected while helping PPC achieve their mandate.

The heavy rains that fell across the KZN coastline in early 2019 cost many residents their homes and belongings. Despite the heartrending extent of the devastation, economic realities in the area, and across South Africa, allowed for little in the way of help for those affected.

As always, Black Twitter was there to take a stand, comparing the floods to the 2018 fires that swept the Eastern cape, laying waste to millions upon millions of Rands of wealthy South Africans' holiday homes. Why were government and the private sector so quick to send help when it came to the rich, but so slow in helping the poor? Did rich people's homes matter more? Where were the headlines? The cries for help? The government intervention?

But there was one voice that stood out amidst the noise. Well-known musician Prince Kaybee responded by acknowledging Black Twitter’s opinion, pledging R150K to help in a true reflection of the spirit of Ubuntu.

As a concerned South African citizen, our social media manager, Phenyo Mooke, felt the need to assist with the last R40 in his account (don’t judge, it was that time of the month) but felt it would be just a drop in the ocean. So, he put his Social Media Manager cap on, deciding to pitch the idea of helping the victims of the flood to the marketing manager of PPC as part of their 100% Local mandate.

Touched by Phenyo's heartfelt request (he knows how to pull out the charm), they offered R300K worth of building materials to help.

But Phenyo knew that R300K was only a small fraction of what the residents needed. So, he did what he does best, taking to the hard streets of the Twittersphere to challenge the rest of corporate South Africa.

The results were immediate – and not just in social media currency (Likes, Retweets and Comments). Phenyo's clever tweeting had done its job, and soon other brands were stepping up to help make a bigger impact. Virgin Active, Shoprite and Barloworld Equipment responded to our post and accepted the Challenge.

We managed to reach 200K South African’s and interacted with more than 2 000. The response was phenomenal and the love palpable from the comments.

The result? Lots of money and materials donated to the cause, a very happy PPC marketing manager, and one super-stoked social media hero who got to use his powers for good.

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